Bluetooth Case Studies and Best Practices

Orthogonal builds FDA class I, II and III software for connected medical devices, including fimrware, mobile apps and cloud components.



PhysIQ: Ambulatory Patient Monitoring

Continuous Vital Signs Telemetry and Analytics using Wearable Sensors

Diabetes Management System

Bluetooth-Connected Glucometer and Mobile Medical Apps

Continuous ECG Monitoring with Nanosensors

Five-lead ECG using nanosensors woven into fabric, connected via Bluetooth to an iphone to Amazon AWS, where waveforms are correlated with …

Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation

Medical Device Companion Software for Treating Urinary Urgency

Bluetooth and Medical Devices – Part 1: Overview

In the race to create more connected medical devices, many medical manufacturers are opting to leverage Bluetooth technology to connect to d…

Bluetooth and Medical Devices – Part 2: The Gotchas

Despite the shared name, BLE and Bluetooth Classic are fundamentally different connection protocols. Choosing the wrong one can have disast…


From Inception to Launch

We begin every medical software development project with an intense period of data collection and formative assessments called an Inception.

The Inception is a collaborative in-person workshop designed to explore and capture the system’s functionality and intended users. Our subject matter experts in human factors engineering, Agile development and Quality Systems collaborate with project stakeholders to identify and define work flows, user types, functionality, risks and everything else necessary to facilitate the start of a successful and detailed design, development and FDA submission effort.

At Orthogonal, every project begins with an Inception. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an Inception for your medical device software project.