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Todd Wyder and I are giving a talk on Customer Development at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business next Tuesday, as part of The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship’s New Venture Challenge program.

It’s nice to see Customer Development and Lean Startup principles make their way into business school curricula, and thanks to the Polsky Center’s efforts, there are some very good things coming out of Hyde Park.

Sueyon Khim, the founder of Edulender, is a great example of this. She conceived of the idea for Edulender in her Junior year of college and competed in the New Venture Challenge. After a lot of learning, pivots and perseverance, she applied and was accepted at Excelerate Labs, and recently got funding from a group led by Hyde Park Angels. She’s also on a panel of incubator alumni that I’m moderating next Thursday at the Chicago Lean Startup Circle.