Meet the Leadership Team

Experience, Agility
And Innovation

Our leadership team brings deep knowledge, expertise and insights from multiple industries – from enterprise software, aerospace, medical devices, consumer electronics and IoT – to our collaborative approach for meeting the challenges of connected care systems.

Meet the Team Crop
Bernhard Kappe

Founder & CEO

Bernhard Kappe

Randy Horton, VP of Solutions and Partnerships, Orthogonal

VP, Solutions and Partnerships

Randy Horton

Tanya L. Wojcik

Director, Delivery

Tanya L. Wojcik

Director, Connected Health

Ted Wallhaus

Brett Stewart - Principal Solutions Architect

Principal Solutions Architect

Brett Stewart

Principal UX Architect

Bob Moll

VP, Quality and Regulatory

Larry Gyrziak

Senior Technical Architect

Jim Hewitt

David Lin

Senior Principal Engineer

David Lin

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A Commitment to Agility,
Collaboration and Growth

At Orthogonal, you’ll feel valued for your experience and expertise from the start. And as you progress, so will the opportunities for creativity, learning and advancement.