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You create awesome products. We enable you to bring that success into the highly regulated MedTech world.

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We’ll show you the ropes
in this highly regulated industry.

You have a successful product development process that is iterative, user-centric and scalable, and has enabled you to create compelling consumer products that customers flock to. But you’ve come up against an industry with a standard way of working that is not Agile, not iterative and highly constrained by regulations, guidance and standards written before the advent of modern product development methods. As a result, developing for the MedTech industry is almost like going back in time. You may wonder, is it even possible to maintain modern product development methods while staying safe and compliant?

Orthogonal answers that question with a resounding “Yes!” We have the expertise to tailor modern software development methods to the constraints of medical device regulations and standards. We’ll help you identify the steps you need to take to satisfy guidelines that are unfamiliar to non-regulated product development, as well as point out where you can apply Agile and other fast feedback loop methods to create more flexibility and improve patient safety and compliance. 

Orthogonal will work alongside your teams to help extend DevOps for quality processes, integrate human factors with iterative user experience design, architect for software segregation and automate testing and documentation. Our proven methods will set you up for success in this highly regulated industry in the long run. 

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