Webinar Series: Move Faster & Break Nothing

Accelerating Our Agile Evolution

Our webinar series will bring together industry leaders and pioneers to share cutting-edge Agile insights to collectively improve patient outcomes and drive business results.

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Webinar Series:
Move Faster & Break Nothing

In the 10 years since AAMI published TIR:45 2012, Guidance On The Use Of AGILE Practices In The Development Of Medical Device Software, our industry has learned a tremendous amount on how to accelerate the development of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and medical device software using Agile and other iterative development methods. Now we’re ready to innovate with these methods even further – to move faster while breaking nothing.

Orthogonal is marking the occasion by hosting a series of events and conversations in 2022 and 2023. We will bring together industry leaders to share cutting-edge insights, so collectively we can improve patient outcomes and drive business results.

This page contains summaries of previously hosted webinars in our Move Faster and Break Nothing series, including links to watch the full recordings and read a summary of the main points discussed. 

Previous Live Events


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Transitioning Tech Professionals Into MedTech


3 Tools You Need for SaMD App Development in 2023


Clinical Diagnostics on Consumer Electronics


eQMS Webinar: Maintaining SaMD Compliance at Agile Speeds


Regulation of SaMD in the U.S.


Blending Agile Practices with Industry Regulations


Insights to Move Faster & Break Nothing with Agile


Accelerating Medical Device Software Development


AI and the Design of Medical Devices: It’s Getting Better All The Time

“It was refreshing to hear real-world experiences from the panel as opposed to your typical high level discussion that ends up revolving around content in standards. It was a nice confirmation of like-minded thinking on topics like separating the medical device from other generic features, highlighting FDA regulations as the minimum requirement, and ways to make the balance of Agile practices in a regulated environment a little bit easier on engineering.” Program Management Executive, SaMD Manufacturer

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Expert Speakers

Learn from Agile Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) experts.

michael i pic 400x400 1

Michael Iglesias

Global Quality Advisor, Roche

Larkin Lowrey 400x400 1


Senior Director of Software Engineering for Digital Health, Tandem Diabetes Care

Clay Anselmo

Clay Anselmo

Principal Quality and Regulatory Consultant, Shriner and Associates

Bernhard Kappe

Bernhard Kappe

CEO & Founder, Orthogonal

Randy Horton

Randy Horton

Chief Solutions Officer, Orthogonal

Melissa Gill Principal Product Owner Orthogonal

Melissa Gill

Principal Product Owner, Orthogonal

Arna Ionescu Stoll CEO Wavely

Arna Ionescu Stoll

CEO & Founder, Wavely Diagnostics

Dr. Michael Mina CSO eMed

Dr. Michael Mina

Chief Science Officer, eMed

Mike Connell VP Commercial ResApp Health

Mike Connell

VP, Commercial, ResApp Health

Jacob Radkiewicz

Jacob Radkiewicz

Senior Vice President of Engineering, ShipBob

matt finch square 200x

Matt Finch

VP – Head of Global Sales Engineering, Mixpanel

Anton Baranenko Product Manager Guardsquare

Anton Baranenko

Product Manager, Guardsquare

Brett Stewart - Principal Solutions Architect

Brett Stewart

Principal Solutions Architect, Orthogonal

Bob Moll

Principal UX Architect, Orthogonal

david feygin 011

David Feygin, PhD, MBA

Healthcare Digital Business Leader

Bob Zimmerman Headshot square large

Bob Zimmerman

Founder, Getting Predictable