A Commitment to Agility,
Collaboration and Growth

When you work at Orthogonal, you’ll build a range of ground-breaking software that operates directly on the human body to detect, monitor and treat illness and heal injury.

Think smartphone apps that control insulin pumps and surgically implanted neurostimulators of the spine. Cloud-based AI algorithms that revolutionize the early detection of Alzheimer’s. Connected IoT devices that enable the continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels and the rapid detection of COVID-19 in the home.

A job at Orthogonal is a never-ending master class in MedTech and digital health, product development and software engineering.  

Our teams of expert designers, data scientists, quality systems engineers, and cloud and mobile architects collaborate to solve difficult problems and launch meaningful products that they can point to and say, “We built this.” 

Finally, while we take our work very seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s pretty hard not to enjoy working here.

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