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We’ve set the standard on how to continually evolve your product to deepen patient engagement and stay ahead of the competition.

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A Quality DevOps approach
to product evolution.

Makers of implantables, wearables, vital signs monitors, therapeutics and diagnostics can extend their medical devices by harnessing the power of digital medicine. Mobile apps, AI algorithms, cloud computing and EMR integration enable medical device companies to differentiate their products and pull ahead in competitive markets. But the competition is not just about getting your product out there. You need an experienced partner who can help you continuously evolve those products faster than your competitors. 

Orthogonal builds medical device software with valuable differentiators that drive patient adoption and adherence. Our Quality DevOps process is designed to rapidly support and evolve your product, using techniques such as testing automation, architecture and software segregation. Our product analytics techniques, such as Three User Thursdays, incorporate feedback from users as well as actual behavior to more rapidly improve patient engagement and health outcomes

On top of that, if you are trying to leverage technologies across different products and clinical domains, we’ll help you with reusable components, platform architecture and separating platform functionality from specific medical device functionality – which helps ease and speed the regulatory process for future FDA filings.

What Our Clients Say

“Applying modern engineering techniques to the development of SaMD is no easy feat. Orthogonal’s approach to blending these domains helped Tandem accelerate our product innovation cycle and outputs” Larkin Lowrey, Senior Director of Software Engineering for Digital Health, Tandem Diabetes Larkin Lowrey Senior Director of Software Engineering, Tandem Diabetes Care
“From day one, Orthogonal helped us methodically achieve regulatory quality. Today, our QMS is core to our DNA. It’s a strategic asset in the highly complex and competitive DTx space.” Danny Bernstein Headshot Danny Bernstein Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, metaMe Health

Case Studies

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Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation

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