Rapid Concept Sprint

From Early Idea to Tested Concept in 5 Days

Our team of medical device experts will help you produce a tangible, tested concept that speeds your journey to market.

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Identify your audience and potential differentiators.

To kick off the sprint, our team will help you define the key elements of your business. We’ll work with you to identify your target users and potential competitors. Together we’ll map out your users’ current experience and answer questions that will coalesce into a preliminary market strategy. By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand the main problem you’re trying to solve. 

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Brainstorm ideas and related value propositions.

The Ideate workshop is where we’ll brainstorm and visualize a range of ideas that address your main problem. We’ll help you create a value proposition for each idea that identifies its unique value add. You’ll leave this session with a list of ideas and associated notes and sketches that will form the basis of the Select workshop.

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Apply sanity checks to choose an idea to prototype.

You’ve created your list of ideas. Now it’s time to take a critical look. In the Select workshop, we’ll perform sanity checks from both a technical and regulatory perspective (if applicable) to make sure the selected ideas are viable. What is the regulatory roadmap? How will your patients be reimbursed? What platforms will you deliver on? All of these questions will hone in on the most promising idea to prototype.

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Build an interactive prototype for testing with users.

We’ve reached the stage where your idea becomes something tangible. The goal of the Prototype workshop is clear: Build an interactive prototype based on the chosen idea from the Select workshop that can be tested with users.

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Get user feedback to help determine next steps.

No matter how great an idea is, if it doesn’t meet patients’ needs, it won’t succeed. The Testing workshop is the culmination of the sprint, where real users will test your prototype. You’ll learn in real time if the product flows intuitively, if users were able to accomplish key tasks and where the product could be improved on in future iterations. The results will be documented and incorporated into a report with recommendations and next steps. 

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Move faster with confidence.

A rapid concept sprint is a powerful tool for visualizing your business’s next steps. Within the span of the week, we help bring your idea to life and set the stage for future work. 

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