Product Analytics

Improving Product Performance
And Engagement After Launch

No matter how diligent you are with pre-market testing and validation, you can’t perfectly replicate the patterns of experience that occur once your device is launched. Product Analytics gives you insight from actual device usage patterns.

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The power of quantitative data.

Product Analytics provides real-world feedback in near real-time and, if needed, at a large scale by instrumenting the medical device software to track key user behaviors. When you analyze the quantitative data you receive on product analytics dashboards, you will be well-equipped to go back to users and ask the right questions to discover the “why’s” behind the data. 

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PA Best Practices

Below are some of our best practices and related benefits of incorporating product analytics into your product:

  • Don’t instrument every click; rather, instrument events that are important to providing insight into your users’ behaviors.
  • Leverage a third-party analytics tool designed for HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant analytics gathering to save time and money.
  • Create custom dashboards for each major business group interested in quantitative data, such as product design, marketing and customer service.

Get our insights, strategies and best practices.

The use of product analytics in MedTech is still fairly nascent but holds tremendous promise to help turbocharge an evolution towards the frequent release of medical devices. This white paper looks at how product analytics can enhance the initial development and ongoing evolution of medical devices software.

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