The Agile Lego Game Reloaded with ChiPMA

Nate Burgos

This post was previously on the Pathfinder Software site. Pathfinder Software changed its name to Orthogonal in 2016. Read more.

Brianna Sylver, Founder and President of innovation research and strategy firm Sylver Consulting, engages a lego sprint with her team. Photo by Nate Burgos

The lego blocks returned with gusto, in greater numbers and colors. This time, the participants were members of ChiPMA, the Chicago Product Managers Association. The group of thirty-three were divided into five groups. Each acted as a dedicated team responsible for developing and delivering the product, in this case, an animal with enclosure. Before going through three quick rounds of energetic lego shuffling and assembling, the group estimated and prioritized user stories and consulted with their product owners, played by members of the Orthogonal team.

Orthogonal’s Sr. Agile Project Manager/Coach Glenn Bernsohn led the practical session demonstrating the rhythm of an agile project. ChiPMA participants learned firsthand a number of its key concepts like Iterations, Testing, Velocity and Retrospectives.

As ChiPMA member Tim Perry put it, “Was a really fun game. Great way to meet new people and learn more about agile in a ‘non-classroom’ setting.”

See the rest of the lego fun-charged pictures (slide show).

For more lego exploits, see our previous post about the game played by members of the Chicago Agile Project Management Meetup Group.

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