Published on November 10, 2015

This post was previously on the Pathfinder Software site. Pathfinder Software changed its name to Orthogonal in 2016. Read more.

Mobile apps and connected technologies are changing the way that medical information and services are acquired, processed, conveyed, and implemented. New products, emerging not only from the traditional medical device industry, but from the consumer electronics, telecommunications, and other fields, represent different methods of product development, changing patient and provider engagement, novel safety and privacy concerns, and disruptive business models.

Pathfinder Software’s CEO Bernhard Kappe will be sharing his expertise on developing mobile apps & connected care devices on Feb 3 & 4, 2016 @ mHealth MedTech Conference in Washington, DC.

The presentation will cover topics like:

  • Risk Management
  • Testing and verification
  • Applying Agile to product development

If you would like to join us for the conference, you can RSVP here!