Live Webinar

Move Faster and Break Nothing
with Connected Medical Devices

Randy Horton
Randy Horton


Move Faster and Break Nothing with Connected Medical Devices, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and Digital Therapeutics (DTx)
MedTech Experts Discuss Best Practices for Accelerating Medical Device Software Development

Thursday, November 11, 2021

8:00-9:30 AM CST / 9:00-10:30 AM EST
3:00-3:30 PM London / 4:00-4:30 PM Berlin

To paraphrase a famous tech industry quote, “In the future, all MedTech companies will become software companies.” Digital MedTech (powered by software, data, algorithms, the cloud, smartphones and ubiquitous connectivity) is delivering a continually increasing share of the new value and innovation in medical devices.

There are tremendous opportunities for the firms that can move faster than the traditional pace of regulated medical devices – those that can find the middle ground between moving slow and breaking nothing and moving fast and breaking things. Operating at Internet speeds allows firms to create tremendous revenue streams at higher margins, continually improving healthcare outcomes and better managing healthcare costs.

As a result, a whole range of players are now fiercely competing with investments and talent in what was once the sizable but fairly cloistered world of medical device manufacturing. Traditional medical device manufacturers that are quickly creating connected devices and new digital business models find themselves competing with:

  • Giants in the technology industry (including cloud-based Internet giants and consumer electronics innovators) looking to further expand their (often $1T+) fast-growing market valuations by capturing a large share of the revenue in healthcare and life sciences –  the same ways they have in virtually every other industry.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers that are now developing pipelines of digital therapeutics.
  • An entire range of traditional brick-and-mortar healthcare providers and newer virtual and hybrid healthcare providers providing a range of telemedicine services, chronic disease management and wellness offerings.
  • Startups (often well funded) with innovative ideas for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) that want to compete with or exit with a sale to any of the above firms.


The potential gains to winners and patients are huge, and the risks to losers are just as large. But virtually everyone working in the connected medical devices, DTx and SaMD space is finding the same thing – that it’s still very difficult to effectively fuse the velocity and agility of the web world with the safety, efficacy and constraints of regulated MedTech and the healthcare ecosystem it operates within.

Join us and cram 10+ hours worth of high-value, timely learning into a 90 minute session.

This event will feature a mix of industry leaders and pioneers, sharing first-hand lessons learned from their groundbreaking case studies on accelerating the development of medical device software at the dawn of the age of digital health. They’ll discuss the best and worst practices learned through their leading edge efforts. They will also cover how to leverage a variety of tech industry approaches, such as fast feedback loops (e.g., Agile and Lean Startup), design thinking and non-traditional leadership approaches – and how to best fuse those approaches with the constraints and decades of experience already established in the world of regulated MedTech.


Expert Speakers and Panelists:

Larkin Lowrey, Senior Director of Software Engineering for Digital Health, Tandem Diabetes

Larkin Lowrey

Senior Director of Software Engineering for Digital Health, Tandem Diabetes Care

Michael Iglesias, Global Quality Advisor, Roche

Michael Iglesias

Global Quality Advisor, Roche

Torrey Loper, Director of Marketing, egnite Health

Torrey Loper

Director of Marketing, egnite Health

Don Jennings, Advisor of Digital Health Technology, Eli Lilly and Company

Don Jennings

Advisor of Digital Health Technology, Eli Lilly and Company

Mark Brincat, Senior Director of AI and Advanced Analytics, Zimmer Biomet

Mark Brincat

Senior Director of AI and Advanced Analytics, Zimmer Biomet

Carl Washburn

Carl Washburn

Senior Consultant, Digital Health Quality, IDM, Lilly

Bernhard Kappe

Bernhard Kappe

CEO and Founder, Orthogonal

Randy Horton

Randy Horton

VP of Solutions & Partnerships, Orthogonal

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