Moving Your Apps to Mobile Part 1

Bernhard Kappe
Bernhard Kappe

This post was previously on the Pathfinder Software site. Pathfinder Software changed its name to Orthogonal in 2016. Read more.

Many companies we talk to are struggling with their mobile application strategy. It’s similar to the early days of the web, where some companies ignored it and struggled, and some got disrupted. For mobile, the trends are unmistakable. Apple sold over 15 million iPads in the last 9 months of 2010. Smartphone and tablets are projected to outsell desktops and laptops by 2012. And mobile internet usage is expected to overtake fixed Internet usage by 2014.[1]

Former Morgan Stanley Analyst and current Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker nails what’s at stake:

The Rapid Ramp of Mobile Internet Usage Will be a Boon to Consumers and Some Companies Will Likely Win Big (Potentially Very Big) While Many Will Wonder What Just Happened. [1]

So what type of company will you be?

This series of blog posts is a guide meant to help you be one of the companies that win big, rather one of those that wonder what just happened. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Part 2: How Mobile is Different
Part 3: Mobile Opportunities
Part 4: How to Build Mobile Apps
Part 5: Marketing Mobile Apps


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