Webinar: Accelerating MedTech Product Development

Ke Li Yew
Ke Li Yew

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‘Accelerating MedTech Product Development’

Monday, September 12, 2016 12PM to 1.30PM (CT)

Orthogonal is proud to announce that our Director of Systems Quality Engineering, Dr. Byron Mattingly, Ph.D., MPH, MBA and the current chair of the ASQ Software Division will be presenting this September 12, 2016, with partners from MedTech Intelligence. With over 15 years of experience in medical device, pharma, and healthcare IT, he is widely recognized for developing a risk-based approach to complex adaptive medical device systems that innovate and re-mobilize point of care medical devices and wearables with data analytics.

In a webinar geared towards accelerating medical device innovation, Dr. Byron Mattingly and Vinny Sastri, President of Winovia will be discussing strategies for shortening product development lifecycles, selecting the right team for product management and development, and incorporating regulatory strategy into new product development.

We are pleased to invite members of our network to use the following link to sign up and to participate:

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Accelerating Medical Technology Product Development

In medical device innovation, developing the right products that meet user needs is important but it is not sufficient in today’s highly competitive marketplace. To gain competitive advantage, your company has to get your product to market quickly while ensuring you meet your budgetary requirements and constraints. There are many stakeholders involved in taking a product to market successfully. It is essential to ensure smooth, consistent or coordinated communication channels among all members of the team. Process conflicts can delay your product’s entry into the market. Building pipelines that permit easy product design and development transfers while eliminating process redundancies can help companies save money and time.

Webinar Details

This webinar features thought leaders who are experts in accelerating medical product development while keeping costs low. They will be covering topics such as:

  • Strategies for accelerating speed to market
  • Developing the right team for efficient product development
  • Product and project management and development
  • Incorporating regulatory strategy into new product development
  • Parallel product development and fast feedback
  • Establishing requirements and roadblocks before product development

Medical device entrepreneurs, product and project managers, engineers, research and development people who are interested in solving problems related to increasing speed of product development while lowering costs will greatly benefit from this free webinar.


Orthogonal LLC, headquartered in Chicago, is a medical software product development firm that builds medical software for connected medical devices. We primarily work with established medical device manufacturers and venture-backed healthcare startups to build connected care products that integrate medical devices, sensors, and diagnostics with mobile, cloud computing and clinical systems with seamless user experience backed by FDA compliance and international medical software regulations and standards.

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