White Paper: COVID-19 and The Great Acceleration of Digital Health

Ke Li Yew

COVID-19 and The Great Acceleration of Digital Health White Paper Cover

The tragedy of COVID-19 has opened up a rare window of opportunity for innovators and leaders to have a considerable impact on healthcare costs and outcomes.

In a new white paper Orthogonal shares advice based on what we see in the market for how firms can take advantage of this window to make huge gains with great digital health solutions, including connected mobile medical devices (CMMD) and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).



In this whitepaper:

  1. We explain why major investors in the markets have signaled that they see this as a time for MedTech companies to make thoughtful, strategic, and possibly significant moves to position themselves for what some are now calling “the COVID-19 economy.”
  2. We address how the emergency responses to COVID-19 have dramatically accelerated seven trends that were already underway in healthcare generally and have created a window of opportunity for digital health to step in to solve urgent major issues.
  3. We look at how we expect digital health and the use of CMMD and SaMD to continue to accelerate and evolve after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.
  4. We look at four key success factors for medical device firms looking to succeed in The Great Acceleration of Digital Health. To paraphrase an article from The Economist that we cite in this white paper, paying attention to these four success factors will likely separate the firms that surf in this period from those that sink or swim.
  5. We conclude by offering a practical tool for using this whitepaper as a way to vet your connected health solutions concepts and projects in light of what is happening in the larger marketplace right now.


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