Pathfinder Software is Now Orthogonal

Ke Li Yew
Ke Li Yew

Hello Friends of Orthogonal,

I wanted to let you know that as of today, Pathfinder Software is changing its name to Orthogonal. The new website is at, and the email domain name will now also be at, rather than

Why did we change our name?

As we’ve evolved to a company that develops companion software for medical devices and diagnostics we felt that the Pathfinder brand no longer represented what we’ve become as a company.  We chose the name Orthogonal because it represents three things that are important to what we are about as a company:

First, from computer science, orthogonality the system design property essential for feasible and compact design of complex systems like the connected care systems we build.

Second, from system reliability, where orthogonal failure modes for redundant components substantially reduce the chance of system failure, critical to the safety of class III medical devices.

Third, Orthogonal represents the new market incentives in value-based care, incentives that are orthogonal to the traditional fee-for-service model but align with the connected care systems we develop.

What’s different for you?

Other than a different domain name, nothing.  We’re still the same company, we haven’t changed ownership, and contracts with Pathfinder Software are contracts with Orthogonal.  

The Pathfinder Software site will exist in parallel to for a while, and emails to your contacts at Pathfinder that you send to their old addresses will be forwarded to their new addresses.

One of the things we are doing under the new brand is increasing our research and development efforts, so expect to see additional white papers, articles, and research from us that we hope will be helpful to you.  Here are a few examples:

PhysIQ Case Study
Introduction to Bluetooth In Medical Devices
FDA Human Factors Guidance

Take a look, I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks for your support for Pathfinder, and now for Orthogonal.

Best Regards,

Bernhard Kappe

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